HUBER Solutions for Water Reuse

  • Wastewater is too valuable for wasting!
  • Wastewater must be treated and reused!
  • Wastewater is a sustainable source of water, nutrients and energy!
  • HUBER Solutions close loops!

We must learn that wastewater is our most dependable water source: as we use water, we generate wastewater; as we eat, we excrete nutrients and organic carbon. As we separate, process and recycle solid waste, so we must do with liquid waste, with wastewater. Sustainable solutions produce valuable resources from waste.

Whether we treat wastewater in centralized or decentralized systems, it must be returned into natural water loops and reused. The smaller such water loops are, the better they work. Decentralized wastewater treatment provides the advantage that on-site or nearby reuse of treated effluents is easy, whereby fresh water consumption is minimized.

We offer HUBER Solutions for different kinds of waste water:



Well-treated wastewater can be reused as service water in many ways:

  • For irrigation of plants on plantations and fields or in parks and gardens:
    To minmize evaporation losses, water should be infiltrated into the ground through drip irrigation. Irrigation water must not contain solids or bacteria, but should contain dissolved nutrients (N and P).
  • For water-saving infrastructure in buildings:
    High-quality effluents can be reused as service water for toilet flushing, laundry and vehicle washing, as cooling water for air conditioning systems, or for irrigation of gardens and yards. The service water must be full-biologically treated and disinfected.
  • As process water in the industry:
    High-quality effluents are mostly used for rinsing, flushing and washing processes. Quality requirements depend on its specific use. Process water must usually be crystal clear and disinfected.